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ODTAILOR is based on the mission of allowing everyone to enjoy a personalized and customized high-quality life, positioning high-end ultra-comfortable business men's clothing, through the research and development of high-tech ultra-comfortable high-elasticity skin-friendly fabrics, improve users' clothing tenfold.

Happiness index, and then use "AI technology + big data cloud computing" to achieve online one-minute "tailor-made" fit men's clothing for men of different sizes in different parts of the world, presenting users a comfortable and exquisite lifestyle, conveying free stretch and technology.Treat life with a super futuristic attitude.We have more than 20 years of experience in first-line luxury clothing manufacturing. It is a manufacturer of luxury brand shirts such as ARMAN, BURBERRY, BROOKS BROTHERS.

Our Brand Odtailor core is one center & two basic points

One center: ultra-comfortable and exquisite lifestyle that offering a futuristic feel

Two basic points:
Basic point 1: Use technical fabrics to achieve high elasticity and skin-friendly comfort, and increase the happiness index of dressing by ten times.
Basic point 2: Use AI technology + big data cloud computing to achieve online customized men's clothing for men around the world, and achieve a lifestyle that users are particular about.

Brand Concept
At odtailor.com, we give fashion forward men quick access to the finest, premium-quality, designer clothes for men. Not only that, our online selection is comprised of versatile, exclusive and unique looks made with you in mind. We focus on high quality, detailed cut, impeccable design and unmatched value ensuring that you receive a great fitting button-down shirt tailored to perfection without the shocking price tag. We never compromise on quality - that is clear the moment you unwrap your first luxury shirt from us. Since we first launched our brand, we have always been committed to excellence and that will always remain the same. You can always be confident, not only when wearing our shirts, but in our unrivaled customer service and affordable premium quality collections fresh off the catwalk.

Brand Style
Odtailor brand positioning business casual style, focusing on the social elite men group, adhering to the original intention of making luxury clothing popular, Odtailor pursues the ultimate craftsmanship spirit, and developed a customized men's clothing big data system for 5 years, which can easily handle all kinds of shapes. Fitting issues, quality control standards directly benchmark the top international luxury brands. Consumers directly connect with the supply chain, remove all unnecessary intermediate costs, and bring high-value wearing experience to consumers. Odtailor is committed to providing first-class cloud clothing customization services for the global male group.

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