Franchise Investment Policy

Qualifications to become a country / region agent

① Recognition of ODTAILOR and its products
② Retail chain experience
③ Local market development resources (excellent site selection resources)
④ Rich experience in international trade
⑤ Rich investment capital

National / Regional Agent

Each market in the designated country will have an exclusive agent, who will be authorized to develop "ODTAILOR" in its defined area. Once authorized, the exclusive agent will have full rights to develop sub-franchisees in their own market.

License Fee and Compliance Deposit

License Fee:
The national agent shall pay the main license fee to be qualified to enter the ODTAILOR business operation system.

Compliance Deposit:
To protect brand equity and ensure smooth cooperation between the two parties, the country agent shall pay the compliance deposit. Under normal operation, the compliance deposit shall be refunded without interest after the contract termination.(If the country agent wishes to continue cooperation after the expiration of the contract period, no further international agency fee is required.)

Franchise Support

① ODTAILOR multi-style and multi-price band product library for your choice, support franchisees to filter products according to the country / region consumption level, style preferences, etc.

② Information management of the Group enhances the operational efficiency of stores and ensures the stable operation of the retail business.

③ Provide the whole retail business chain support services, including marketing promotion, inventory management, store operation management, etc.

④ 1-to-1 first store opening support, including expansion, decoration, display, staff training and the first month of operation with teaching, etc.

⑤ Continuously launch series / theme products to create marketing atmosphere and hot topics for stores.

Cooperation Process

Cooperation Consulting

Market Assessment

Sign the cooperation contract, the country agent to complete the license fee, compliance deposit payment.

Confirm stores and complete store expansion approval

New store opening preparation:

>>Training support:
system training, store operation training, display training

>>Assist in the first distribution of the first store

>>Country agents pay for the first batch of goods and materials

>>Packing and transportation of goods / decoration materials

>>Goods, decoration materials customs clearance into the warehouse

>>Country agents provide store pictures, dimensions, floor plans, decoration requirements

>>Support store space design, decoration construction drawings

>>Country agents follow up on mall audits

>>Country agents follow up on store renovations

New Store Opening

International Franchise Contact:

International Investment Manager : Ava Tsang  


WhatsApp/WeChat :0086-13427526975

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