About Us

Company Introduction

Odtailor, founded in 2020, is a high-end ultra-comfortable business men's clothing brand that integrates design, production and sales. With the mission of letting everyone to enjoy a personalized high-quality life, the brand started with customized first class comfortable shirts and expanded to a full range of suits, jackets, polos and trousers.Through the R&D of high-tech, ultra-comfortable and skin-friendly fabrics, Odtailor is able to increase the happiness index of global users by tenfold. Odtailor is committed to providing first-class cloud-based menswear consultancy services to the global male community!

Brand Super Symbol

Odtailor's "New Generation" Tech Shirt,arking the next generation of the shirt industry.

Redefining the Aesthetics of Shirt Technology

Technological comfort and aesthetic enjoyment are like two parallel lines in the field of men's clothing, OWN DREAM has successfully fused technology and aesthetics through decades of dedicated research and development in ergonomics, and with the help of AI big data.Odtailor's main Motion Clone technology system: clone level fit, optimal elasticity body protection captured the favour of millions of business elites across the net. The popular phrase "don't collapse your collar, wear OWN DREAM" has swept the elite circle.